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 LB Scholarship 2008 Intake

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PostSubyek: LB Scholarship 2008 Intake   Sun Jun 01, 2008 8:54 pm

PT Bank Lippo Tbk ( “LB”), major investment company Khazanah Nasional Berhad, Malaysia, believes in the development of human capital in the Republic of Indonesia. In this regard, LB is pleased to scholarships and financial aid to deserving Indonesian students who intend to pursue their tertiary education in selected universities in Indonesia.

Thus, LB invites applications from high school graduates who wish to pursue bachelor program in the specialty areas of trade, finance, economic, accounting, computer sciences, mathematics, statistics and law.

The scholarship grant will be based on the merits of the applicant, including academic classes and school extracurricular activities. However, in order to provide opportunities for those who could face difficulties in financing their higher education, special attention will be given to applications from students who come from disadvantaged families financially.

I. Requirements:
LB Scholarship Applicants must meet the following minimum requirements:
(I) must be Indonesian citizens;
(Ii) should complete the application form;
(iii) grade point average to the National average result and points for the secondary school exam result should be 8.00 or higher;
(iv) should be able to prove that they are from disadvantaged families financially, showing an official letter from poverty, from local authorities and home electricity bill;
(c) do not currently receive any scholarship or other equivalent award;
(Vi) English;
(vii) must comply with all rules and regulations imposed by LB in connection with the programme of scholarships;
(viii) Accepted applicants must be willing to participate in any LB programmes and activities, such as the internship program at LB or any of its subsidiaries;
(x) Scholarship recipients are prohibited to work during the entire period of study.
(x) should fill in all the documents listed in the additional requirements and conditions. (Click for details)

II. Coverage of scholarships:
The scholarship covers the following:
(I) registration fee at the university, at which the recipient of scholarship students;
(ii) tuition fees, duration of training, not more than 4 (four) years, or 8 (eight) academic semester or less depending on the selected program. LB is not obliged to provide any additional funding or other assistance should scholarship recipient does not finish the course in time;
(iii) Living allowance to cover living expenses during the entire period of study;
(Iv) leadership allowance needed for research;
(c) Internet manual for access to the Internet for study purposes;
(Vi) personal computer;
(vii) study aids needed for the final year of study.

III. Payment of scholarship funds:
Scholarship funds should be allocated in the following agreements:
(I) tuition fees must be paid directly to the relevant University;
(ii) Others should be allocated directly to the recipients of scholarships.

Payment of such scholarship funds to be scholarship recipient possibilities:
(I) maintain a satisfactory academic constantly, and
(ii) perform all necessary functions and responsibilities.

IV. Vacation from school
Save for school holidays, scholarship recipients will not accept any interruption in the educational activity without obtaining prior written approval from LB.

(I) if any of the recipients of scholarships decides to withdraw from the fellowship programme, such scholarship recipient must reimburse all funds spent and return all facilities provided during his / her participation in LB in the scholarship programme, including, but not limited to a personal computer;
(ii) any breach of duty, responsibility and any other requirements imposed by LB subject to penalty to be determined by LB and / or termination of funding scholarships.

VI. Duties and responsibilities
Throughout the period of training, scholarship recipient must:
(I) will be ready to comply with all rules and regulations established by LB, as well as university;
(ii) be willing to attend and participate in all LB scholarship or collection activities;
(iii) to take part in LB human capital development programmes, and
(iv) report on the academic and non-academic progress of LB quarterly.

After graduation, scholarship recipients must join LB Alumni Association and actively participate in the program and activities.

VII. TERMINATION scholarship
The fellowship programme should be stopped at the emergence of one of the following:
(I) scholarship recipients completed the training course;
(ii) scholarship recipient refuses or has no ability to continue training in the relevant University;
(iii) scholarship recipient violates or does not perform any of the functions, responsibilities and requirements;
(iv) scholarship recipient is unsuccessful in order to meet the necessary level of achievement;
(c) the recipient of scholarships is proven, provided incorrect or misleading information in the application form or its supporting documents, or
(vi) scholarship recipient is involved in any illegal activities.

(I) during the period of training, scholarship recipients must be willing to participate in the internship programme at LB.
(ii) after completion of the usual programs, scholarships recipients are forced to work at LB and / or his affiliation period for 4 consecutive years, subject to the availability of work in LB and / or his affiliation.

Application form can be obtained directly from LB Head Office (Corporate Secretary Group) at Menara Asia 15th Floor, Jl. Boulevard Diponegoro Kav.101, Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang, or download by clicking here.

X. general procedures
Interested applicants who meet the requirements must complete and return the questionnaire, along with necessary supporting documents no later than June 27, 2008 at LB Head Office:

PT Bank Lippo Tbk
Head Office
15th Floor Menara Asia
Raya Jalan Diponegoro 101
Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang 15810
Attention: Corporate Secretary

For more information about LB Scholarship please contact us at 021-5460555 Ext. 65067/59016.
LB will only consider applications that have completed complied with all requirements and notifies the shortlisted applicants for participation in the ongoing phase of the selection process. LB will not return the documents submitted applications for LB.

Decisions to award scholarships, subject to the discretion of LB and can not be appealed for reconsideration. LB reserves the right to change or cancel any of the above features or requirements of LB Scholarship without prior notice and / or explanations. LB will only announce successful applicants in LB website.
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PostSubyek: Hmm...   Wed Jun 04, 2008 6:58 pm

Wah bagus juga ne info.
tapi akuw dah dapet kerja tetap se.......
yak dawh buat temen˛ laen ja....
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PostSubyek: Re: LB Scholarship 2008 Intake   Tue Jun 17, 2008 10:31 pm

prof udah kerja tetap ya?

btw temen2 seangkatannya pada dimana nih? udah pernah ngadain reuniaan belum?
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PostSubyek: Re: LB Scholarship 2008 Intake   

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LB Scholarship 2008 Intake
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